5 Things

2018 is going to be a good year for me. I can feel it. Also, because I am going into it fully ready to bet on myself. I am ready to dive into the projects that I think will let me reach my full potential. I am ready to invest in myself, in my business, in my world.

So, here are five things. Five things about me: things I love, things I hate, things I want to accomplish. Just, five things to help you get to know me.


I have finally decided to go back to school to teach middle grades. I’m terrified, and haven’t told anyone. Having a baby, homeschooling a 5-year-old, starting a business, and being a housewife doesn’t leave a lot of time for this. There’s also the business of childcare. I got my associate’s by my moms generosity and my first child’s amazingness. My second child is a lot more work, and the two of them together can be a handful. That, coupled with class time and the hour+ time it would take me to get to the university (damn you rural areas) and then an hour+ back makes for one tired Grandma. It’s a lot to put on someone and I doubt she wants to take it on. It’s hard to be a momma and go to school.


I home-school my 5YO for Kindergarten, which is how I got started on TpT. I have always had an eye for graphic design and a way with computers, so every time I saw a digital resource I really struggled with the fact that I could be making it myself. So I did. Every time I made a resource, I also put it up on the site. Then, I started really enjoying it and made stuff I knew I wouldn’t have time to do with my 5 YO, and I just did it because I loved it.


Is it obvious to say that my children are my complete and entire world? Honestly, most days I wish they would leave me alone to drink my coffee in peace, but I don’t know where I would be or what person I would have become if it wasn’t for them.


I have social anxiety, big time. I always have had it, but have gotten very good at hiding it, so people are often surprised when they hear this about me. But the truth is, sometimes it’s crippling.


Ever since I read that scene in Harry Potter where they make that potion that smells appealing to whoever is smelling it, I have always wondered what people’s scents would be. Mine are: freshly mowed grass (which creeped me out when I learned that it’s actually a chemical the plant uses as a warning to other plants, kind of like an S.O.S.), books, coffee, steam, and the purple baby lotion. All those scents really soothe my soul.


What are five interesting things about you?


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