Valentine’s Day Co-Op Party

I feel really lucky that I’m able to do such fun things with E. Our homeschool group has a great group of kids and families and so far we get along so well. We had our homeschool valentine exchange last week, and since we’ve been so busy I’m just getting to post it. I wish I would remember to take pictures of things before they’re set up, but I’m learning!

In case you were wondering, I DO have a Valentine’s Day Interactive Notebook for sale in my shop now!

The Card Exchange


Obviously, the first thing we did was exchange cards. We had some adorable pizza and french fry cards from Target, and I had E write everyone’s name in and her own. I thought about making her a really elaborate Pinterest worthy box for the exchange, but after thinking about it some more and talking with some friends, I realized it would completely take away the experience from her. It would look fantastic, but it would be mine and not hers. So instead, we wrapped a shoe box in aluminum foil to make it shiny, and E added Valentine’s Day stickers and cut out hearts while we baked cookies to bring to the party. She had so much more fun with this, and I’m SO glad I let her take charge of her box rather than make one to impress Pinterest with. This took a lot longer than I expected, so make sure you plan a solid amount of time so the kids can enjoy opening their Valentine’s in front of each other.

Hearts on the Wall

I had a game set up that we simply ran out of time for. I had four hearts (each one a different color) taped to the four walls of the meeting room. Each kid would have had to run around while music was playing and then quickly pick a heart when the music stopped. Whichever one I called out (I had the colors in a bowl), would have had to sit down. Whoever was left standing after a few rounds would have won.

Stack the Candy Hearts


This game was such a hit with all the kids in this group, which is fun because we have a wide variety of ages. They took the little sticks, stuck one end in their mouth, and tried to stack the candy on the stick. They were all in giggles as they fell.

Shoot the Arrows


This was another winner. I cut little arrows out of card stock, duck taped un-sharpened pencils to one side, and grabbed a couple of buckets. Each kid got in a line and had 5 shots to make it in. If they did, they got to grab a prize. Then, winner or not, they could go back to the end of the line for another shot. This was quick and easy to put together, and still a lot of fun.

Prizes, Candy, and More!

Since I run the co-op, I have a little leeway as to what happens and when. We had some scheduling conflicts for this event, and it actually got pushed to February 15th, instead of February 13th like we had originally planned. But I am SO GLAD this happened! Turns out, stores will basically throw their unsold Valentine’s Day merch at you after V-Day is over. All the candy, prizes, stuffed animals, and more was on sale at our local Kroger for 50% off. I got there early in the morning and snagged some serious deals. Since I don’t have the space to buy stuff ahead of time and store it, I think I’ll be checking the after the holiday deals more often.


What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


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