Why I Sucked at Homeschooling This Week

Guys, we’ve all been there. At least, I hope we’ve all been there.

The slump.

We did absolutely NO learning this week. And I don’t mean this in the way that we did no formal learning but had awesome lessons about life and all that. No. We did nothing. All good habits we’ve been working on have been lost. All progress we’ve made with reading is probably lost and we’ll be back to tears. But who am I kidding, the kid will love science and math no matter what so at least we’re good there.

Truth is, this mama is TIRED. We’re in the process of buying our house (one we already live in, it’s a long story), so I am trying to fix it up and get it ready to be appraised (one of the few situations you want the appraisal to come in as high as possible). N is teething hardcore, like 4 top teeth at once kind of hardcore. We had to spray for bugs, so he couldn’t be on the floor for a while, which to a crawling baby is like a prison sentence. He also still doesn’t sleep through the night. I’m also starting university to finish my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences. So I’ve been trying to keep up with that. Did I mention my TpT store, or the fact the E REAAALLLYYYY wants to start a youtube channel, or our co-op? How about the fact that we’re trying to go vegetarian and organize our whole home to have a more minimalistic feel? Can you feel me panicking through the computer? Can you understand what I’m saying through this bite I can’t chew?

And I know it’s only going to get worse once my coursework actually begins. I even bought a curriculum for the first time (Abeka). I hate planning math, and since she understands each concept so easily, I find myself having to do a lot of research on what to do next. She can already count to 120, add and subtract, find patterns, make graphs, and more. So I needed a little help without so much work from me.

But guys, THIS is why I homeschool year round. THIS is why I wanted to homeschool in general. LIFE is so much more important than anything else, and it’s important to allow life to happen. It’s important to have movie nights where everyone is snuggled on the couch and eating junk food. It’s important to play all day instead of cleaning and making your bed.

At least, I hope it is. I hope I’m not breaking my children by allowing them to see the struggles that come with every day life so young. I hope they don’t feel like they are being put second to my ever growing list of to-dos. I hope they see I do what I do for them, and for myself.

In situations like this, it’s important to allow grace. Grace to yourself for falling behind. Grace to your kids, who might be more unruly. Grace to everyone. Because I sure am thankful for the Grace that has been given to me this week.

Hope your homeschooling weeks are going better than mine mamas and poppas!



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